Being able to connect a WordPress Blog to the Steem Blockchain has been a reality for around a year now, this has helped a lot of users monetize their content in a more effective way. The guys behind @SteemPress are the creators of the best plugin to use this function, but for a lot of Steem users it can be very hard to obtain their own blog because buying a domain and a web hosting service can be quite expensive and complicated.

This is why we decided to create @Repollo.Press. We want to help the Steem community and give them the tools to create a WordPress site and also aspire to obtain a vote from SteemPress.

At the moment we have a one-time payment plan:

  • 4.90 USD. You can pay the current equivalent on Steem or SBD.
  • This includes a subdomain with the format.
  • A WordPress blog with a basic theme that can be customized or changed.
  • SteemPress Plugin installation. You still have to configure you Private Posting Key.
  • Support for basic doubts and troubleshooting.

Is it just one payment?

At the moment we are offering a one time payment, but we don’t know if we will be able to maintain this promotion indefinitely.

Will SteemPress vote my posts?

This doesn’t rely on us, @repollo can’t make a commitment (a the moment) that your post will be voted by SteemPress, that depends on their curation rules and the quality of your blog.

To start your blog, follow these steps: