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The following list is a compilation of the posts voted by Repollo.Press in the last 48 hours. The rewards delivered come directly from the @repollo project and its alliances. The percentage given is a 5% vote that represents an approximate value of $0.10. This percentage is a bonus gained by users that have acquired the WordPress Hosting service of Repollo.Press. The vote is daily and automated using the service of Steemauto.

N User Post
1 @lizfernandezg Monomad - Beauty.
2 @ratspencer [TERA] #GameReview
3 @memes777 Anime Tipo Saw: Danganronpa Series
4 @risckylu El Fumadero de RisckyLu - Todo en "Normalidad" (reflexión personal).
5 @chila Campo Santo sobrecogedor
6 @garvi Paso a paso dibujo a lápiz
7 @sampraise Jueves Verde - Color Challenge
8 @acropolis Daily Curation Support @acropolis #42
9 @universoperdido Elaica II. Atalayas de la guerra
10 @garybilbao Ese momento para escribir
11 @photocircle The Best of Photocircle Contributors
12 @equipodelta LAS AVENTURAS DE PEO (CÓMIC) #8
13 @charjaim Cuando se vive a la intemperie

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