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The following list is a compilation of the posts voted by Repollo.Press in the last 24 hours. The rewards delivered come directly from the @repollo project and its alliances. The percentage given is a 5% vote that represents an approximate value of $0.10. This percentage is a bonus gained by users that have acquired the WordPress Hosting service of Repollo.Press. The vote is daily and automated using the service of Steemauto.

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1 @jaguar.force STEM CryptoPlagiarism - Plagiarism Case #38 - Caso de Plagio #38 - @arar5
2 @charjaim Mizu No Oto - Cada Imagen Tiene su Haiku - Edición #36 - Español
3 @irvinc Contrabando de Estado - OPINIÓN
4 @cristiancaicedo Rebel without a cause (Película): una clásica tragedia adolescente.
5 @universoperdido Una crónica de la Demencia XXV
6 @blessed-girl Lactic ferments, necessary for the organism.
7 @takeru255 Futurism: Luigi Russolo
8 @photocircle Photocircle Daily Featured Photos - 13.08.2019
9 @lecumberre Se marchó Jackson Martínez.
10 @marybellrg Naturaleza en gotas: después de la lluvia...

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