Daily Repollo curation report. Summary of activities #008

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The following list is a compilation of the posts voted by the Repollo project in the last 48 hours. The voted users receive votes because they have acquired one of our memberships. The assigned percentages for every author depends on the type of membership that they own.


| User | Post
------------ | ------------ | -------------
1 | @melaprod | [EPIC...Composición Instrumental](https://bit.ly/2Harr8e)
3 | @raulj.garcias | [Contaminantes carcinogénicos en fármacos antihipertensivos](https://bit.ly/2Uu9apE)
4 | @alfarofranudy | [Solo contigo...](https://busy.org/@alfarofranudy/solo-contigo)
5 | @rositam82 | [[CR] Candle](https://busy.org/@rositam82/ntopaz--rositam82--1367723251--ntopaz--2019-03-09-09-53-46--artwork--none)
6 | @sartigas16 | [DIY.. Camisa Joropera. Paso a Paso(INCLUYE PATRONES)](https://busy.org/@sartigas16/diy-camisa-joropera-paso-a-paso-incluye-patrones)
7 | @acropolis | [Daily Curation Support @acropolis #18](https://busy.org/@acropolis/dailycurationsupportacropolis18-ip5ulvj81t)
8 | @alcidescadiz | [¿y la luz pa' cuando?](https://busy.org/@alcidescadiz/ylaluzpacuando-qypsrk88vh)
9 | @fjcalduch | [Yesterday’s Dreams](https://busy.org/@fjcalduch/yesterday-s-dreams)
10 | @fjcalduch | [Yesterday’s Dreams](https://busy.org/@fjcalduch/yesterday-s-dreams)
11 | @templo | [Posts votados por el proyecto @templo del 08.03.2019 al 09.03.2019](https://busy.org/@templo/43wipszsvw)
12 | @garvi | [Margaritas Silvestres -2](https://busy.org/@garvi/margaritassilvestres-2-imrb86ono5)
13 | @volcandemorcilla | [La playa de Las Canteras / The beach Las Canteras](https://busy.org/@volcandemorcilla/la-playa-de-las-canteras-the-beach-las-canteras)
14 | @laqsking | [Check my latest fight ! laqsking vs themadgoat](https://busy.org/@laqsking/59c5aeefb9)


If you are interested in receiving our votes it’s necessary that you read the following post and them contact one of our advisers in Discord. In Repollo we have more than 9,000 SP delegated by our users and sponsors. We also have a trail of more than 130 users that allow us to reward up to $1.50.

###### Repollo is a project that works with [MEMBERSHIPS](https://busy.org/@repollo/pasosaseguirpararecibirnuestrosvotos-65reccv285) from users that delegate and joins our [TRAIL](https://busy.org/@repollo/pasosaseguirpararecibirnuestrosvotos-65reccv285). Repollo has the support of two witnesses, @cervantes and @upheaver, if you vote for them as Steem Witnesses you are supporting us to deliver better rewards.


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