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Being able to connect a WordPress Blog to the Steem Blockchain has been a reality for around a year now, this has helped a lot of users monetize their content in a more effective way. The guys behind @SteemPress are the creators of the best plugin to use this function, but for a lot of Steem users it can be very hard to obtain their own blog because buying a domain and a web hosting service can be quite expensive and complicated.

This is why we decided to create @Repollo.Press. We want to help the Steem community and give them the tools to create a WordPress site and  also aspire to obtain a vote from SteemPress.


At the moment we have a one-time payment plan:

  • 4.90 USD. You can pay the current equivalent on Steem or SBD.
  • This includes a subdomain with the format.
  • A WordPress blog with a basic theme that can be customized or changed.
  • SteemPress Plugin installation.
  • Support for basic doubts and troubleshooting.

The steps to acquire this service are simple: Make a comment on this post with your Discord username or contact eddiespino#1698 (@eddiespino) on the Repollo Discord Server. We will set a conversion rate for the 4.90 USD and after you have sent the total amount of SBD or Steem you will receive your login details in a time lapse no greater than 48 hours. You are ready to start blogging!


Is it just one payment?

At the moment we are offering a one time payment, but we don't know if we will be able to maintain this promotion indefinitely.

Will SteemPress vote my posts?

This doesn't rely on us, @repollo can't make a commitment that your post will be voted by SteemPress, that depends on their curation rules and the quality of your blog.


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