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Building relationships is essential for the development and growth of any project. Blockchain technology depends a lot in human interactions and we all know that one of the best ways to grow in Steem is having good friends that read, comment and upvote our posts.

Today we have a special promo to all the new users of Repollo.Press. It is quite simple, all you have to do is contact one of your friends on the STEEM Blockchain and together you will have the opportunity to activate your Repollo.Press account with just $1.00 USD. This payment is per person and you can send the equivalent in STEEM or SBD.

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Promotion Details

+ The full price of each blog account is $4.90 USD, but with this limited time promo letting you invite a friend and activate each account with $1.00 USD.

+ The $2.00 USD transfer can be done from your account, your friend's account or you can send $1.00 USD from each account.

+ This promotion ends on April 30, 2019.

+ This Promo only applies to new users of the Repollo.Press service and must be activated in multiples of two.

+ You will both have 30 days to pay the remaining $3.90 USD, but can finish paying the service sooner if you'd like.

+ We will take into account the current price of STEEM or SBD from @coingecko, you can check them out here:

STEEM Price | SBD Price


##### Is it just one payment?

At the moment we are offering a one time payment, but we don't know if we will be able to maintain this promotion indefinitely.

##### Will SteemPress vote my posts?

This doesn't rely on us, @repollo can't make a commitment that your post will be voted by SteemPress, that depends on their curation rules and the quality of your blog.

To activate your accounts, follow these simple steps:

+ Make the transfer to the wallet.
+ Answer the Form: [English]( | [Spanish](
+ [Join the Official Repollo Discord Server](
+ If you have any doubt contact @eddiespino or @olivercambrano in Steem or Discord.

Repollo.Press is a service of subdomain selling and WordPress Hosting to use the SteemPress plugin, the cost of the service is $4.90 USD. If you are interested in purchasing this service you can answer the following form and transfer the equivalent of $4.90 USD in Steem or in SBD to this wallet. For more information read [this post]( or contact us in [Discord](

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