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More and more people are joining Repollo.Press services. To celebrate this and to give a better services to the Steemit community and @steempress users we are launching a very spacial promotion. Starting today and until March 10 you will be able to activate your blog that includes a, WordPress Hosting for only 1 Steem or 1 SBD, the remaining fee can be paid in 30 days.

The price of the full service is 4.90 US Dollars and you can pay the equivalent in Steem or SBD. With this promo you will be activating and will be covering at least 41 cents or 1 USD depending on the type of coin you have selected and the current price. The remaining payment will be calculated according to the current price of Steem or SBD. For example, if you have already paid 41 cents (1 STEEM in the current price) and the STEEM is worth exactly 50 cents when the 30 days are completed you will only pay 8.980 STEEM. But don't worry, leave the math to us and focus on creating quality content to aspire for a SteemPress vote.

What are you waiting to start or continue your WordPress Blog?

Follow these steps:


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