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In the last few weeks more than 10 new users have began using our hosting services for WordPress, this has led us to think in ways we can thank and reward the confidence that you have put on us. The first thing will be keeping our hosting services live. We do not have intentions to close like other services, we know that maintaning this type of services is not cheap and maybe that's why they have closed, but we have made arrangements and we have everything ready to be always active.

The secong think we want to do is something awesome. We have decided to launch a series of content on this blog to promote and share the work of users that have acquiere the Repollo.Press service. The participants will keep 50% of the liquid winnings of the posts. In the following days we will share the rquirements to participate.

Special thanks to all our users: @alcidescadiz, @takeru255, @theghost1980, @yahe, @chila, @arteaga-juan, @electrodo, @paos , @templo, @equipodelta, @universoperdido, @fmbs25, @theartemis, @memes777, @sampraise, @irenenavarroart, @garybilbao, @jvb71, @roadstories, @charjaim, @marijo-rm, @ratspencer, @garvi, @willsaldeno, @lizfernandezg, @juanjosexdd7, @photocircle, @funtraveller & @emperatriz1503. is a hosting service for WordPress that you can use in STEEM to connect with ths @steempress-io. The price of the service is 4.90 USD. If you are interested in aquire this service click here.

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